DiMaria Wins Legal Status For Victim of a Crime

In this case, client came to The Law Office of Jayson DiMaria for a consultation to determine whether or not she was eligible for legal status in the United States.  Client said that she entered the United States illegally and was living in the United States without legal status.  Client said that her boyfriend was very abusive towards her and she called the police on him because he assaulted her.  Client asked DiMaria if there was any way she could obtain legal status based on the fact that her boyfriend abused her.  She told DiMaria that she was working with the prosecutor in the case against her boyfriend who was charged with aggravated assault. DiMaria explained to Client that she was eligible for legal status based on the abuse that she suffered from her boyfriend.  Client hired DiMaria to represent her with her case. DiMaria contacted the prosecutor’s office and discussed the case with the prosecutor.  The prosecutor said that Client was very helpful in assisting the prosecutor in the case against Client’s boyfriend.  The prosecutor helped our office by filling out the necessary paperwork to obtain a visa for Client.  DiMaria filed all the necessary paperwork with Immigration and Immigration approved the application. In addition to legal status, we obtained an employment card for Client. Client was very happy with our results and is happy to now have legal status in the United States.