DiMaria Wins Green Card With Order of Deportation

In this case, Client hired DiMaria to represent her with regards to her Immigration case.   Her case was quite complicated because she was ordered deported in around the year 2000 and it was now the year 2011. Client entered the United States when she was around thirteen-years-old with her mother. In around 1996, Client’s mother’s husband sponsored Client’s mother and Client for their green cards.  Client and Client’s mother received temporary “two-year” green cards in around the year 1997.  Client’s mother filed an application for their permanent green cards in around the year 1999.  In around the year 2000, Client’s mother and husband attended an interview at Immigration in order to obtain the permanent green cards for her and her daughter “Client”.  The purpose of the interview was for Immigration to determine if the marriage between Client’s mother and husband was a real marriage or whether the marriage was entered in to for a green card.  Client’s mother and husband attended the interview.  After the Immigration Officer asked several questions to Client’s mother and husband, Client’s mother’s husband told the Immigration Officer that he was paid $4,000.00 to sponsor Client’s mother for her green card.  Client’s mother’s husband requested that the application for the permanent green card be withdrawn.  The application was withdrawn and Client and her mother were told by the Immigration Officer that they were being placed into deportation proceedings.  However, Client’s mother never received notice that they had to go to court. It was now the year 2011, Client was in her late twenties and was married to a United States Citizen.  Client wanted to obtain her Green Card but she was very scared because she did not know what happened to her mother’s case.  Client hired DiMaria to fix her case.  DiMaria contacted Immigration and discovered that Client and her mother were ordered deported in the year 2000.  DiMaria went to the Immigration Court and reviewed client’s file.  In reviewing Client’s court file, DiMaria was able to determine that the Court mailed the notice of the court date to the wrong address but still ordered Client and her mother deported for failing to appear in court. DiMaria filed the appropriate paperwork with the Immigration Court in order to get the Order of Deportation from the year 2000 reopened and also filed Client’s application for a Green Card.  DiMaria was able to prove to the Judge that Client never received the notice of the court date and the Judge agreed to reopen the case.  The case was reopened, and closed. Client, Client’s Husband and DiMaria attended an interview for Client to obtain her Green Card.  The Immigration Officer granted Client’s case and Client now has a Green Card.  Client spent most of her life thus far here illegally because her mother’s case was denied in the year 2000.  However, Client is now happier than ever to have legal status in the United States.