DiMaria Wins "Green Card" For Woman Abused By Her US Citizen Husband

In this case, Client was a thirty-five-year-old woman who divorced her abusive United States Citizen Spouse.  Within two-years after her divorce, our office filed an I-360 Battered Spouse Petition under the Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”).  The VAWA was created to protect spouses of US Citizens (Men or Women) and their children from abuse at the hands of their spouses. Specifically, many foreign people, who marry US Citizens are particularly vulnerable to physical and emotional abuse by their spouses. Often the spouse who does not have legal status is beaten and abused under threat of being arrested and deported.  We were able to prove to Immigration that Client was in a bona fide marriage to a US Citizen; and she had been abused and subject to extreme cruelty at the hands of her ex-husband. The Petition was approved and Client applied for her “Green Card”. Seven months later, Client and DiMaria attended an interview and Client’s “Green Card” application was approved.