DiMaria Wins Green Card for Child Living in the United States Illegally After Crossing The Mexico Border

In this case, the child’s aunt came to our office for a consultation to find out if there was anyway that she could help her niece who was sixteen-years-old and living in the United States illegally.  The child’s parents abandoned the child when she was six-years-old in order to come live in the United States.  Ten years later the child entered the United States by crossing the Mexico border.  Upon the child’s arrival into the United States, the child was detained by immigration authorities. While the child was in custody in Arizona, the child’s Aunt came into our office to speak with DiMaria.  After consulting with DiMaria, the Aunt hired DiMaria to help her niece.  The first thing DiMaria did was to make arrangements with the office of refugee resettlement for the child to be released from immigration custody so she could live with her Aunt in New Jersey.  The child was released from custody and traveled to New Jersey.  Once in New Jersey, the Aunt was prepared to take over custody of child.  We filed an application for custody with the family court in Passaic County.  The Judge determined that it was in the child’s best interests to live in the United States in the custody of her Aunt.  Once we received the Judge’s decision, we immediately filed a Special Immigrant Juvenile Petition and Green Card Application with immigration.  Approximately six months later we attended an interview and the child received her green card.