DiMaria wins Deportation Case for Permanent Resident Business Owner

Jayson DiMaira won a deportation case against a local business owner.  The client is a permanent resident that had one conviction over ten years ago when he was in his early twenties.  Since then the client matured, had three U.S. Citizen children and opened a business.  Immigration waited over ten years to go after the client for that conviction in order to deport him.  Mr. DiMaria was able to successfully defend client, allowing him to remain in the U.S. with his family and business.  

DiMaria Wins Case For Permanent Resident Facing Deportation For Several Theft Convictions

In this case, Client’s family came to see DiMaria for a consultation to help their daughter who was in immigration custody.  Client was a citizen of Germany who had a green card since 1976.  Client was divorced and had one minor United States Citizen child. Client had fifteen arrests for theft by deception, fraudulent use of a credit card, and other theft related offenses that occurred from 2004 until 2008.

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DiMaria Wins Green Card for Child Living in the United States Illegally After Crossing The Mexico Border

In this case, the child’s aunt came to our office for a consultation to find out if there was anyway that she could help her niece who was sixteen-years-old and living in the United States illegally.  The child’s parents abandoned the child when she was six-years-old in order to come live in the United States.  Ten years later the child entered the United States by crossing the Mexico border.  Upon the child’s arrival into the United States, the child was detained by immigration authorities.

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DiMaria Wins Legal Status For Victim of a Crime

In this case, client came to The Law Office of Jayson DiMaria for a consultation to determine whether or not she was eligible for legal status in the United States.  Client said that she entered the United States illegally and was living in the United States without legal status.  Client said that her boyfriend was very abusive towards her and she called the police on him because he assaulted her

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DiMaria Wins Green Card for Belorussian Man in Removal Proceedings

Even With Eight Arrests and Four Convictions, Former Refugee, Permanent Resident Wins One Last Chance to Retain His Green Card, and Stay in the United States. Immigration Court, Varick Street, New York City: Jayson DiMaria successfully tried a case for Cancellation of Removal for Certain Lawful Permanent Residents in Immigration Court in Manhattan.

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